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NHESS – Volume 12, issue 1, 2012

Volumes and issues  
Orientation effects of horizontal seismic components on longitudinal reinforcement in R/C frame elements   
K. G. Kostinakis, A. M. Athanatopoulou, and I. E. Avramidis
Page(s) 1-10
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 948 KB)   

  02 Jan 2012
Shoreline recovery from storms on the east coast of Southern Africa   
S. Corbella and D. D. Stretch
Page(s) 11-22
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1496 KB)   Supplement (14090 KB)   

  02 Jan 2012
Torrential floods and town and country planning in Serbia   
R. Ristić, S. Kostadinov, B. Abolmasov, S. Dragićević, G. Trivan, B. Radić, M. Trifunović, and Z. Radosavljević
Page(s) 23-35
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 12822 KB)   Special issue

  02 Jan 2012
Relationship between isoseismal area and magnitude of historical earthquakes in Greece by a hybrid fuzzy neural network method   
G-A. Tselentis and E. Sokos
Page(s) 37-45
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2476 KB)   

  04 Jan 2012
Corrigendum to "A comparison of the causes, effects and aftermaths of the coastal flooding of England in 1953 and France in 2010" published in Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 11, 2321–2333, 2011   
D. M. Lumbroso and F. Vinet
Page(s) 47-49
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5934 KB)   Corresponding article   

  06 Jan 2012
Corrigendum to "Analysis of hail damages and temperature series for peninsular Spain" published in Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 11, 3415–3422, 2011   
A. Saa Requejo, R. García Moreno, M. C. Díaz Alvarez, F. Burgaz, and A. M. Tarquis
Page(s) 51-51
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 221 KB)   Corresponding article   Special issue

  06 Jan 2012
Solving the dilemma of transforming landslide hazard maps into effective policy and regulations   
J. V. DeGraff
Page(s) 53-60
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 327 KB)   Special issue

  06 Jan 2012
Hardware-software system for simulating and analyzing earthquakes applied to civil structures   
J. P. Amezquita-Sanchez, R. A. Osornio-Rios, R. J. Romero-Troncoso, and A. Dominguez-Gonzalez
Page(s) 61-73
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2688 KB)   

  06 Jan 2012
Phenomena of electrostatic perturbations before strong earthquakes (2005–2010) observed on DEMETER   
X. Zhang, X. Shen, M. Parrot, Z. Zeren, X. Ouyang, J. Liu, J. Qian, S. Zhao, and Y. Miao
Page(s) 75-83
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1718 KB)   

  09 Jan 2012
Reduction of tsunami inundation by coastal forests in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: a numerical study   
W. Ohira, K. Honda, and K. Harada
Page(s) 85-95
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 6256 KB)   Special issue

  11 Jan 2012
Efficient dam break flood simulation methods for developing a preliminary evacuation plan after the Wenchuan Earthquake   
Y. Li, J. H. Gong, J. Zhu, L. Ye, Y. Q. Song, and Y. J. Yue
Page(s) 97-106
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2817 KB)   

  11 Jan 2012
Identification of elements at risk for a credible tsunami event for Istanbul   
U. Hancilar
Page(s) 107-119
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3922 KB)   Special issue

  11 Jan 2012
Variations of geoelectric potential differences associated with an anomalous volumetric strain change in the region of expected Tokai Earthquake, Japan   
Y. Orihara, M. Kamogawa, T. Nagao, and S. Uyeda
Page(s) 121-127
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 10989 KB)   

  12 Jan 2012
The occurrence of floods and the role of climate variations from 1880 in Calabria (Southern Italy)   
M. Polemio and O. Petrucci
Page(s) 129-142
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3518 KB)   

  13 Jan 2012
GIS-based coastal area suitability assessment of geo-environmental factors in Laoshan district, Qingdao   
C. Y. Ju, Y. G. Jia, H. X. Shan, C. W. Tang, and W. J. Ma
Page(s) 143-150
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 5562 KB)   Special issue

  17 Jan 2012
Tsunami risk assessments in Messina, Sicily – Italy   
A. Grezio, P. Gasparini, W. Marzocchi, A. Patera, and S. Tinti
Page(s) 151-163
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8053 KB)   

  17 Jan 2012
A proposal for a methodological approach to the characterisation of Widespread Landslide Events: an application to Southern Italy   
G. Gullà, T. Caloiero, R. Coscarelli, and O. Petrucci
Page(s) 165-173
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 2605 KB)   

  17 Jan 2012
Tsunamigenic Ratio of the Pacific Ocean earthquakes and a proposal for a Tsunami Index   
A. Suppasri, F. Imamura, and S. Koshimura
Page(s) 175-185
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 1043 KB)   

  17 Jan 2012
Physically-based modelling of granular flows with Open Source GIS   
M. Mergili, K. Schratz, A. Ostermann, and W. Fellin
Page(s) 187-200
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 9130 KB)   

  17 Jan 2012
The 13 August 2010 catastrophic debris flows after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, China   
Q. Xu, S. Zhang, W. L. Li, and Th. W. J. van Asch
Page(s) 201-216
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4536 KB)   Special issue

  19 Jan 2012
Reverse flood routing with the inverted Muskingum storage routing scheme   
A. D. Koussis, K. Mazi, S. Lykoudis, and A. A. Argiriou
Page(s) 217-227
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 3615 KB)   Special issue

  20 Jan 2012
Book Review of "Adaptation to Climate Change: From Resilience to Transformation"   
R. Djalante
Page(s) 229-230
Full article (PDF, 227 KB)   

  30 Jan 2012
PM-GCD – a combined IR–MW satellite technique for frequent retrieval of heavy precipitation   
D. Casella, S. Dietrich, F. Di Paola, M. Formenton, A. Mugnai, F. Porcù, and P. Sanò
Page(s) 231-240
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 4091 KB)   Special issue

  31 Jan 2012
On the influence of topographic, geological and cryospheric factors on rock avalanches and rockfalls in high-mountain areas   
L. Fischer, R. S. Purves, C. Huggel, J. Noetzli, and W. Haeberli
Page(s) 241-254
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 8696 KB)   

  31 Jan 2012
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